Birds Control

People generally like having birds around their homes, but when large numbers of these feathered beings take up residence – or build their nests on parts of your house – they swiftly become a highly undesirable presence. From chattering and flapping at four in the morning, to streaks of bird droppings down the walls and windows, to feathers and odours entering the house. Birds quickly wear out their welcome and make it necessary to seek out help from bird pest control professionals such as Global Hygiene Services Pest Control, who service Delhi/NCR and the greater metropolitan area.

Cockatoos, common mynas and seagulls are the most common avian visitors found living near human houses. Common mynas are a particularly severe problem in NSW as they are able to adapt to almost any urban or suburban environment with ease, often harming native bird populations in the process. Cockatoos are notorious for casually pecking away at timber surfaces on the exterior of many houses, and in large numbers can cause a great deal of damage.

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