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Despite their somewhat charming appearance and their popularity as sympathetic cartoon characters, mice are highly destructive little pests without whom your house would be better off. The house mouse has spread throughout the world, carried by humans to the remotest corners of the Earth, and can now be found in every corner of India as well. If you need mice control in Delhi, Global Hygiene Services can handle the problem promptly and effectively for you.

Mice are prolific beasts, producing a litter of young almost monthly, so even a handful of them will soon blossom into a highly unpleasant problem as long as a few males and females are present. They will scratch and nibble annoyingly in your walls and eat any food that it is left out where they can reach it. Worse still, mice will drench surfaces where they run and feed with a stream of urine that drips steadily out of their bodies to mark their trails, producing the well known odour of an infestation.

Worst of all, mice are transmitters of leptospirosis, a disease which can potentially kill you or members of your family. Although infection is relatively uncommon, it can occur, and it is made more likely due to the mouse’s habit of defecating regularly during its hours of activity, just as it steadily urinates to mark its pathways. A typical mouse produces between 50 and 70 droppings per day, so if you have twenty mice living in your house, up to 1,400 potentially infectious droppings may be left in your home every twenty-four hours.

For residents in Delhi, mice control is important for health and comfort, and Global Hygiene Services stands ready to provide this control affordably and effectively. We have long experience in dealing with these furry pests, as well as the latest in equipment to deal with them. Quashing the infestation sooner rather than later is the best option with these fast-breeding pests. Visit us online at www.globalhygieneservices.in or call us today for a free quote.

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