Rats Control

The Advanced Rodent Management Service

Rodent: The term rodent implies rats, mice and bandicoots.Rodents have become one of the most disastrous urban pests. With the sole exception of man , the most successful and abundant mammals on the earth today are rodents. They live at man,s expenses; invade his home , eat his food and damage commodities. They are also responsible for transmitting various diseases to man. They conraminate his food with their faces, urine and hair. Their gnawing ability is responsible for not only structural and property damage but also short circuits and fires. They nibble at the few cables and entire communication or computer network collapses.

Rodent Treatment

We are providing our clients with excellent Rodent Management system, which is widely used to manage rats, mice and bandicoots with an integrated approach of proofing measures, mechanical and chemical control. In this, the pesticides such as bromadiolone cakes and zinc phosphide are used according to the area. Apart from this, natural glue pads can also be used inside the premises for effective pesticide controls.

Features and Benefits:

  • In the Ist line of protection is maintained by placing bromadiolone cakes inside the rodent bait stations placed along with inner side of the margin wall of the premises at a distance of 60 ft. In addition to this, the zinc phosphide mixed with eatables (meat & bread) are used after baiting in the case of open area and heavy infestation. In this the process, probating is executed by placing eatables without poison to increase acceptability and decrease the fear among rodents
  • In the 2nd line of defense is maintained along the outer periphery of the main building by placing bromadiolone cakes inside the rodent bait stations along the outer edge of the main building
  • In the 3rd line of defense is maintained along the inner edge of the main building by placing glue pads, snap traps or rat cages.

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