Cockroaches Control

The cockroach is a familiar pest around the world, and has almost no redeeming features. Ugly, foul-smelling and prone to dirty habits, the cockroach is an ancient insect which many would prefer had gone extinct long ago. However, this species shows no signs of dying out, and is probably ready to last for several hundred million years yet – perhaps longer if humanity ever succeeds in transporting it to other planets. Cockroach control services are available to Delhi and the greater metropolitan area from our company, Global Hygiene Services Pest Control.

Cockroaches are not quite as formidable as their legendary reputation would have us believe. Although they possess a notable rate of reproduction and can survive on many foods that would harm humans, cockroaches are not the super insects that some would have us believe them to be.

For example, many people claim that they can survive for months on nothing but glue and similar substances. The truth is that a cockroach without proper food will starve in a week or two, or die from lack of water. Cockroaches can also be “ambushed” by switching on the lights suddenly at night, which will confuse them long enough to smash them with flyswatters, rolled up newspapers, and other improvised weaponry.

For proper management of cockroaches in your home, professional help is almost always necessary. These insects are numerous, hide in many nooks and crannies that are inaccessible to people, and usually come out at night. All of these traits make them hard for home owners to cope with successfully.

Cockroaches are excellent climbers and swimmers and can easily get into cabinets and drawers, meaning that you may need to store your dishes in sealed plastic containers to keep their faeces and chemical trails off them when there is an infestation in your house. Any food that is not carefully sealed away will also attract roaches, which are occasionally found dining on food in the refrigerator.

The risks of cockroach infestation

Although cockroaches will foul surfaces and food with their dung, they are relatively poor transmitters of disease, although you still do not want one crawling on your toothbrush after taking a brisk swim in a nearby toilet. Most of the risks of cockroach infestation are related to their damaging food and making it unpalatable for humans.

However, cockroaches do release some chemical compounds that certain people are allergic to. You may find yourself with itchy skin or eyes, a persistently runny nose, or other symptoms of mild allergy when cockroaches are numerous in your house. Generally speaking, the best thing to do when you see the oval form of a cockroach scuttling under the edge of your counter or perching on the wall behind your refrigerator is to call for professional cockroach control services. Nationwide Pest Control can help you to manage cockroaches in your home, giving you relief from their presence and allergens.

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