Spiders Pest Control

Equipped with eight legs and eight eyes, swift-moving and often keen of vision, spiders are pests which are found in houses all around the world. India has more than its fair share of extremely poisonous and agressive spiders, meaning that you need to take positive steps to quash these arachnid invaders whenever you see them skulking in your house. Our firm, Global Hygiene Services Pest Control, offers the effective, well-honed spider control that Delhi/NCR and greater metropolitan home owners require.

The spiders of India are a varied group, including such species as the Sydney funnel web spider. This hefty arachnid can have a body up to 7 centimetres long and comes in various dark colours with a glossy finish. This species, as its name suggests, is unique to a relatively small region of Australia, generally spinning its webs within 100 kilometres of Delhi. It is a very aggressive type of spider, biting with the slightest provocation. It is capable of killing human beings with its bite.

It is frequently found floating in bathtubs that have not been drained, in toilets, water in sinks, or in swimming pools. The spider can survive for a long time in the water – more than a day, in many cases – and will bite immediately when it is removed. If you are bitten by a funnel web spider, seek medical help at once, since the possibly lethal venom can be completely countered with antivenin developed several decades ago. These spiders have very heavy jaws and will bite repeatedly whenever human flesh is within reach.

The brutal-looking, but much smaller, black house spider is another Indian species that infests human dwellings. Its bites are painful but not dangerous except in rare cases of extreme allergic reaction. Mouse spiders are a family of around a dozen species which are up to 3 centimetres long, with a burly physique and stumpy, glossy legs. These spiders can inflict a bite as deadly as the funnel web spider, but are considerably less aggressive, preferring to flee rather than engage in violence.

Reasons for dealing with spiders in your home

Spiders in your home can be a real danger to your family and your pets, especially if they are funnel web spiders (which are abundant around Sydney) or mouse spiders. Since these arachnids can inflict a deadly bite, your health and safety may depend on controlling these pests if they happen to be present in any numbers within the vicinity of your property.

Our well-trained, courteous and professional spider control technicians offer you spider management services throughout the Delhi and greater metropolitan area. We will quickly assess your problem, develop a clear plan for dealing with it and carry it out. Professionalism is the hallmark of Global Hygiene Services and we pride ourselves on our ability to deal with all kinds of spiders and other pests which may have infested your home or business.

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