Spiders Control

Equipped with eight legs and eight eyes, swift-moving and often keen of vision, spiders are pests which are found in houses all around the world. India has more than its fair share of extremely poisonous and agressive spiders, meaning that you need to take positive steps to quash these arachnid invaders whenever you see them skulking in your house. Our firm, Global Hygiene Services Pest Control, offers the effective, well-honed spider control that Delhi/NCR and greater metropolitan home owners require.

The spiders of India are a varied group, including such species as the Sydney funnel web spider. This hefty arachnid can have a body up to 7 centimetres long and comes in various dark colours with a glossy finish. This species, as its name suggests, is unique to a relatively small region of Australia, generally spinning its webs within 100 kilometres of Delhi. It is a very aggressive type of spider, biting with the slightest provocation. It is capable of killing human beings with its bite.

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